Bulk sending of text messages via SMS Gateway API from Intis Tele


Sending messages to the best sms api service about products, events and other news of your company allows you to increase the turnover and profit of your business. This is why SMS messaging is so popular among retailers and service providers.
SMS messaging is a great opportunity to inform a current or potential customer with a 100% guarantee.

Let’s see what benefits this information channel.

In our turbulent age of development of information technology, such a concept as SMS has long since receded not even into the background, but into the background, and the exchange of classic messages between people has completely turned into a dense archaic like floppy disks or a dial-up modem.
Bulk sending sms via the Internet to the numbers of various mobile operators is a great way to re-sell to regular customers.
Which operators can send SMS.
You can send SMS to the number of any operator: 1. MTS, 2. Megafon, 3. Beeline, 4. Tele2 and others. You can send SMS through anywhere in the world and you do not need to overpay for roaming.
The company offers convenient work with a client base, intelligent messaging, meaningful reports on all campaigns. The maximum length of an SMS is 800 characters.
With the help of SMS messaging programs you can tell about new promotions, return customers for a new purchase, poll or offer promotional codes for products.
Send and receive SMS messages via the WEB interface or API, using any number your Android phones.
SMS messaging is a convenient tool for internal communication and a communication channel for a wide variety of industries (security, safety, utilities). ISBC Telecom service has a convenient WEB-interface for sending messages.

SMS-mailing is a tool for interaction between companies and consumers, with the help of which you can quickly deliver personalized information to the client and know exactly whether he received it or not. Users subscribe to SMS-mailing on their own and can unsubscribe at any time.
Easily launch broadcasts to different contact groups or instant single messages. Incoming SMS from all devices can now be read in your personal account! Customize messages with Tags, substituting name, group or sending date.


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