How to get views on YouTube?


Everyone knows what YouTube is. This is a social network and a platform for distributing video at the same time on which subscribers can chat and comment on videos. A large number of new videos are laid out daily, which is why it is very difficult for beginners to advance. Some invest a lot of money that does not always pay off. YouTube is not only a platform for creativity, but also a way to make money. Video monetization is the profit that the owner of the channel will receive from advertising. Money is usually charged for views, therefore, the more people see your video, the more money you will receive.

Cheat with services

There is nothing better than using simple methods to achieve a goal. Special services, for example, this 500 youtube views for $1 are reliable and guarantee a result. The likelihood of blocking is minimal. Buy YouTube views and grow your channel wisely.

Other methods

A few more points that guarantee high views of your video. The main thing to remember is that not all videos can get a response from the viewer. A few ways to get more views:

  • Updating the channel is an important component in promotion. After you have a certain number of subscribers, you will need to keep them and naturally no one will watch the channel if the videos do not go out regularly. Upload videos at least once a week, and if you can, then every day. The main thing to remember is quality, not quantity.
  • Comments. By default, they are open on your channel, so do not close them. In addition, you can speak out under other videos and ask to subscribe to your channel. Of course, this is a kind of spam, but sometimes it can attract the attention of some people, and you will get views under the video.
  • Ways to promote — use everything to get views and promote your channel. Social networks, groups, sites and forums relevant to the theme of your channel. Leave the link wherever you can. So, you don’t invest a penny.
  • Tags — play a key role in promoting your video. Indicate keywords in the description of the video. In this way, your videos will fall into the recommended ones, and search engines will be able to find them easier.
  • Indicate keywords as tags. As a result, your video can be found both in search and in recommended videos.

Thus, you can promote your channel. However, in terms of simplicity, paid methods are much better.


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